Friday, Dec. 14, 2018


Aditech Iris Recognition Systems

Iris Recognition and Identification Solutions

Aditech Ltd has a long history with iris recognition technology and identification which dates back to the launch of the first commercial products in the late 1990’s and since this time we have been involved with many biometric applications across the complete spectrum of industry including Government, Aviation, Military, Construction, Medical and Corporate Security.

Aditech Ltd have provided iris recognition and identification solutions to these customers and built up a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field and we continue to partner with the world’s leading manufacturer of iris products.

Working across this spectrum also includes Europe’s leading security integrators and solution providers for seamless integration with the world’s leading security and identity systems.

With the challenge to find new ways to authenticate, identify and provide secure credentials, new iris recognition product innovations continue to lead the field.

With true scalability irisrRecognition is equally at home from the smallest high security application to National projects involving millions of persons.

Iris Recognition Identifies

The use of the iris for recognition and identification of an individual remains the industry leading biometric for accuracy, ease of use and the preferred choice of biometric identification in a range of applications.

The complex nature and structure of the Iris pattern, the coloured part of the eye surrounding the pupil, provides the most distinctive visible feature of the human body which is stable throughout the life of an individual so a person only needs to be enrolled once.

The ability for true one to many identification enables the iris technology to be readily accepted where the need for true identity authentication of an individual is paramount.

Iris Recognition Myths

Iris recognition is sometimes referred to as iris scanning, there is no scanning of the eye as is sometimes presumed merely a photographic image is captured for processing by the software.

Iris recognition is not retina scanning, the retina is at the back of the eye unlike the iris which is visible.

Aditech Ltd – Your Iris Recognition Partner

Aditech Ltd will work with you as your iris recognition partner whether you are a consultant, end user, or integrator looking to include iris recognition within your next project.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.